Since its inception in 1961, Howell SAF-T-BAR conductor rail has been supplied to and specified by many different industries in the mobile electrification marketplace.

SAF-T-BAR conductor rail is available in many different designs and amperes. One of the most innovative is the Series C, which is as economical as traditional 8 bar, and also provides the additional benefit and value of positive tracking of the collector shoe through metal guideways. The collector tracks with or without the insulating cover and provides three -sided contact.

SAF-T-BAR is both UL-listed and CSA approved.


Electrification and Controls Products
For Overhead Cranes, Trolleys, Monorails,
Hoists, Automatic Stacker-Retrieval Systems,
and Material Handling Applications Requiring
Safe and Economical Moving Power Solutions.


Every day for the past fifty-five years, Insul-8’s sole concern has been this: How can we safely, effectively and economically electrify mobile equipment?

Insul-8 products electrify everything from power tools to cranes to amusement rides to entire transit systems.

At Insul-8, the solutions to your electrification needs will never be limited by product line. Insul-8 can electrify it all, because that’s all we do. Insul-8 has developed and perfected electrification in all forms.


Since 1939, Aero-Motive has focused it’s experience on solving electrification, fluid handling and tool support problems.

Aero-Motive produces products that improve productivity and promote safety in manufacturing, construction and materials handling settings.

Products include workstation systems, tool balancers, cable and hose reels, festoon and multi-conductor systems.


Magnetek is the premier provider of innovative power control and delivery systems and solutions for the material handling industry. Pioneering the use of adjustable frequency and wireless controls on overhead cranes, we offer customers more years of application experience than any company in the industry! With over 190,000 adjustable frequency drives, 146,000 radio remote controls, 320,000 pendant stations and 20,000 brakes working in the field, we have a proven track record in industries such as: aerospace, automotive, steel, aluminum, paper, logging, mining, ship loading, nuclear power plants, work boats, locomotive yards, the grain industry and more. We provide turnkey solutions, innovative system design, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and technical engineering and application support that’s second to none.


VAHLE Electrification Systems has embraced innovation for more than 85 years. VAHLE products have been custom designed to work with a wide range of mobile electrification and data transmission applications.

Principal users of our systems are steel mills, crane and hoist manufacturers, automotive assembly plants, warehousing and distribution centers, ports, shipyards, foundries, coking plants, power stations, paper mills, cement and concrete industry, people movers, rapid transit systems, amusement rides and automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/AR).