Since 1979 industry has chosen Spanco for answers and new ideas on solving material handling problems. With thousands of models and just as many customized options, Spanco products ensure cost efficiency and capability.

All gantries, jibs, and Met-Track systems are designed and fabricated in our 95,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. Our corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility are located on the edge of Pennsylvania’s Amish country in Morgantown, PA. From this location our specially trained technical sales and engineering staff work to ensure efficient customer service, quality production, and on-time delivery.

Pre-engineered and shipped ready to install in prepackaged kits.

Rigidly braced, self-supporting with truss reinforced track.

Capacities to 2 tons, runway lengths to 123 ft. and bridge spans to 30 ft.

Crane systems are modular allowing runways to be extended to any length. SPANCO engineers can customize a system to meet your requirements.

Zimmerman Handling Systems pioneered the development of pneumatic powered lifting and balancing equipment, making us a world leader in the manufacture of ergonomic, in-process, manual assist, pick and place systems. With over 40 years of experience in providing ergonomic lifting systems for the Printing industry, we have a solution to fit your application. Whether in the pressroom or the bindery we have a solution to meet your signature log handling needs.

Signature Bundle Handler SBH-1
Single stroke air cylinder with 900 lbs claming force at 90 psig.
Saftety interlock to prevent operator from releasing the load during transfer.
Straight transfer.
Handles up to 250 lb bundles.
Standard paddles for end boards, (6 x 9 ” through 12 x 12″.
10 inches of clamp range available, minimum log size (24″).
Light weight aluminum construction.
Signature Bundle Handler SBH-2
Dual stroke cylinder for greater opening.
Straight transfer
Handles up to 300 lb bundles
Up to 30 inches of stroke, minimum log size, (20″), maximum of (50″)
Signature Bundle Handler SBH-2P
Same standard features as SBH-2
power rotate 90 or 18- degrees
Self-retraction leveling pad for positioning.
Extended paddles available.