Over a century ago, the Louden Machinery Company pioneered the development of overhead monorail conveying. Today, Louden provides the ideas, engineering and equipment that marks us as a leader in the growth of material handling technology used in American industry.

Louden cranes in adjacent bays can interlock with transfer sections between bays, permitting a bundle of tubing to be moved from one crane to the other. Each crane is guided by a separate radio control unit allowing operators to stand clear of the load during handling operations

Continuous 360 degree rotation of Louden Stacker Cranes provides complete flexibility in positioning and removing bundles of steel. Transfer sections permit cranes to pick up steel from a bay on one side of the warehouse and deliver them to a staging and loading area on the other side.

Louden Monorail equipped with a Wright Work-Rated Hoist lowers tractor cab over chassis while electrical and hydraulic hookups are made. The cab is then attach to the chassis and the carrier drive is mechanically disengaged to release tension on the hoist cable permitting the clamp to be easily detached from the cab.